Some home decor that will be for sale

Prepare yourselves for CREEPS: A Halloween Art Show…MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Beginning at 7pm on Friday, October 14, Foursided Lakeview will host a festive and spooooky art opening featuring work by:

Carla Brooke

Jake Gillespie

Jessica Howard

S.E. Jensen

Todd Mack

Lauren Payne

Kelly Reynolds

Float in and explore nightmarish themes executed by our featured artists through illustration, painting, collage and photography. Find chillingly unique handmade decor like: vintage cloth ghosts, sculptural broaches, handmade autumnal ribbon flowers and eerie portraits to purchase for your own Halloween shindig!

Refreshments will be served while our guest DJ, Paul Bearer, plays an enchanting mix of haunting party music until 10 pm.

Come on over and get creeped out!

And yes, there will be CANDY!