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The Devil Went Down to Foursided

    With Halloween creeping fast around the corner, we had to stop and take notice of these dark, demonic prints. There are rarely opportunities as perfect for a double mat and a black mat at that. Wohoooo… spooky…


    This print of an original etching by Boëtius Adamsz titled ‘Death’ showcases an angel at the left, a devil and the personification of Death ready to spear the man beyond. Fantastic conversation starter.

    Bolswert_Foursided_webA quarter inch of white mat peeks out from beneath the black matboard adding drama and creating the gothic ambience that makes this piece an erie revelation. For some pieces a black color mat can be overwhelming or stifling to the piece. Here is an example where the subject matter and mat become harmonious.


    Paired together with Albrecht Dürer’s ‘Knight, Death, and the Devil’ these two make a striking pair. Our customer requested the outer dimensions of the frames be identical to one another creating unity despite the varying sizes of the images themselves.

    Images_Foursided_webLook how seamless the effect is! A champagne metallic frame with small detailing compliments the final product echoing grandeur and elegance. These two are a match made in heaven…or I guess, in this case….hell.



    An Artistic Showcase by Todd Mack


      Join us for a showcase of new work by Foursided founder, creator, imaginator: Todd Mack. Don’t miss the chance to get inspired by unique original collage art coupled with innovative framing. You will leave with a guaranteed case of  “Holy smokes, how’d he do that?!” and perhaps some one-of-a-kind new artwork for your home.


      Stunning Chicago-centric piece by Todd Mack made from the ground up with vintage rulers and raw creativity. See it at the show!


      We love here, we love there, we love Chicago everywhere! Vintage road map reclaimed!


      The star of the show and classic Todd Mack

      Join us, and the rest of Andersonville for the Night of 100 pARTies on October 10th, 2014 for booze, treats, and art by Foursided founder, Todd Mack. @ Foursided Aville, 6-10pm. 5061 N Clark.
      You don’t want to be the only one not there!
      See more of Todd Mack’s work here.

      I Left My Heart…

        Crafterall_Foursided_web1Yet another amazing shadowbox piece happening at Foursided! But this time by talented papercut artist Crafterall. This piece was an order from a client who special ordered her map from Crafterall with small floating paper hearts to mark important locations. Ah! So cute!!

        Crafterall_Foursided_web3This original layered paper cut piece features the topographic and bathymetric details of New Zealand. We wanted to highlight the fresh colors and depth of the piece with a more understated white color scheme. Including teeny tiny walls built inside the frame for the ultimate treasure box finish!

        Crafterall_Foursided_web2This is a great way to showcase a piece that has a little depth in it. Foursided framers can also achieve a similar feeling by building up or plateau mounting a simple postcard or photo into a shadowbox. Also an excellent gift idea for that anniversary that is around the corner! Aren’t you glad we’re here to remind you?

        Crafterall_Foursided_web5Whammy! What a looker.