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Framing Goes Postal

    Cover-image_stamps2Custom framing inspiration never stops generating and new concepts are endless! Our customer brought in this vibrant collection of Venetian stamps from his travels in Italy and wanted to create a special piece for his home.

    Stamps_closeupHe had particular requirements that none of the stamps be permanently adhered to any surface to maintain their value over time. We used framer’s clear photo corners on each individual stamp to hold them in their “grid” arrangement. Normally a photo or print will be dry mounted to prevent wavy paper in the frame, or tape-hinged to the supporting surface in lieu of a permanent fuse. Each project involves a unique approach to mounting.

    Stamps_MatFinished off with a double, clean white mat and a gorgeous burl wood style moulding, this piece has a delicate, luxurious feeling that will compliment any home.


    Foursided Staff Favorite Edition

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      Smooth as Hermès Silk


        Interior shot:

        Long-time client and stylist Barri Leiner Grant brought Foursided on Broadway a stunning piece for custom framing. Displaying and framing scarves is all the rage in contemporary styling and she would know (check out: This scarf in particular is a silk, limited edition 150th anniversary Jardin Enchante Hermès otherwise known as an anniversary homage to Central Park.

        close_up_hermes_webThe motif presents a French garden with charming details including an ice cream vendor, clowns, nannies and children chasing butterflies. Colorways include hues of gold, red, grey, blue and more; on a black background. Dealing with a delicate fabric and one-of-a-kind piece such as this requires an expert hand and Foursided Framers are up to the challenge!

        FraneAngle_webThe fabric required yet another stitch mount, but in contrast to our stitch heavy antique collar pieces which required hours and hours, this piece needed only a few, very strategically placed stitches to let it fall correctly. Framing a luxury accessory like this requires a frame that can stand on its own feet. Never one to overshadow a piece, this sleek black lacquer finish frame is just modern enough to compliment the scarves’ design.

        Scarftable_webIt’s complete! A couple stitches, one stunning custom frame and a precious keepsake come together to make the perfect conversation piece. Ladies and Gents unpack those closets and “bring in your scarves!”