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Our Lady in Red

    Final_YellowCanvas_webSometimes in the world of framing you need to take an extra step to get you where you need to go. In the case of our lady in red, she required a grand frame that was much too shallow for the existing canvas. Don’t panic! There are always creative solutions to make the frame you have your heart set on work out. The best option in this case was to re-stretch the canvas on new, less deep stretcher bars or choose a frame with enough depth to fit the height of the original.

    Angled_Crop_webOur client opted to re-stretch their bright yellow canvas so the two fit together like a puzzle piece. A perfect match! The lines of the original painting were perfectly matched by our professionals (don’t try that at home!).

    Splice_Yello_webAnd isn’t she lovely… aaah. So many song lyrics could work here.

    Pièce de Résistance

      Get ready to be schooled. Another gorgeous piece from Foursided! This client had twelve (yes twelve!) unique pieces that he requested be shadowbox framed in identical white lacquer finish moulding with a bright white linen matboard behind it.

      Foursided_Collar3_webAll but one are antique, embroidered silk cloud collars with floral, animal and insect motifs. Instead of a rustic, vintage look our customer opted to give the pieces a contemporary makeover using stark white contrast and encouraging every detail to pop.

      Collar_closeupNever heard of a cloud collar? Also known as yun chien, this style of intricate ensemble has existed for thousands of years. It originated as a four-lobed collar representing the clouds (sometimes with overlapping lobes as pictured above). The body represents the axis (or earth) with the head going through the collar into the sky gate or spiritual part of the body.

      CollarSplice_Foursided_webIntroduced as a status symbol and worn only by noblewoman, eventually the tradition was passed down to celebration and coming of age garments. Certain symbols represent prosperity and success for the wearer such as the six insects pictured in the silk collar below:

      Insects_webOnto the good framing stuff! Each collar needed to be laboriously hand stitched to the white mat and centered meticulously. Every framer had their turn with the thimble and thread. How worth the effort it was though, each more stunning than the last!

      Foursided_Collar4_webStitching away!

      Foursided_Collar1_webEmbroidered perfection…



      Special Holiday Framing | Instagifts from your Instagrams


        Shiny_woodblock_FoursidedWe’re excited to offer a new photo service in our framing shops. These woodblock prints are handmade in Chicago with a cured shiny resin finish. They are stunning on a wall alone or in a group!




        These will make fabulous Holiday gifts, and starting at just $17, they will work for everyone! You send us the files so there is no printing pressure from you. Just give us about 16 days and come pick up your shiny new masterpiece. We love them for groupings of Instagram shots. So cute! You can even print art on them like we did with some of our own Chicago pieces by Todd Mack.


        Maybe the woodblocks aren’t your thing or you need it like, right now? We’ve got NEW on the spot framing for your 4×4 Instagram prints! Bring in your printed image, pick out a cute lil’ 5×5 frame, a white or black mat, and we’ll assemble it all for you and you’re on your way! We even offer gift wrap service if you’re on your way to the Holiday party.

        PRO TIP: We found printing your Instagrams to be super easy at Walgreens. They have a great app that connects directly to your Instagram account. Most places you would have film developed (in the olden days) now print on the spot.
        Instant-Instagram-Framing-FoursidedFollow us on Instagram for way cool stuff. Tag us in your photos @FoursidedChicago for a chance to be featured in our media feeds. We love to see the things you guys frame!

        These services are available at our Framing shops in Andersonville – 5061 N. Clark & East Lakeview – 2939 N. Broadway