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Fall Gift Guide 2014


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    For the Love of Baskets

      We continue to get unique examples of shadowboxes at Foursided! After so many detailed blog posts you may think you’ve seen it all…but not even close. These gorgeous woven baskets needed some extra attention in a custom shadowbox frame and expert stitching techniques to attach them.

      Baskets_Wall_webDuring the framing consultation, our designers went over the best way to preserve and attach the baskets for longevity. They decided on ideal placement and orientation for stunning visual impact.

      alteredtable_webIn this case, our customer opted for the stark contrast of a white matboard to show each basket to its best advantage. Doesn’t the finished product have a contempo vibe? This look is very popular for the customer with a modern flare.

      Baskets_Progress_webPictured above: the piece gets its finishing touches with glass, sizable walls (to create the full shadowbox effect) and is measured to perfection.

      AngledWall_webWhat an eye-catching result! Every gallery wall needs a piece like this to add depth and interest. Just call us basket cases…

      The Devil Went Down to Foursided

        With Halloween creeping fast around the corner, we had to stop and take notice of these dark, demonic prints. There are rarely opportunities as perfect for a double mat and a black mat at that. Wohoooo… spooky…


        This print of an original etching by Boëtius Adamsz titled ‘Death’ showcases an angel at the left, a devil and the personification of Death ready to spear the man beyond. Fantastic conversation starter.

        Bolswert_Foursided_webA quarter inch of white mat peeks out from beneath the black matboard adding drama and creating the gothic ambience that makes this piece an erie revelation. For some pieces a black color mat can be overwhelming or stifling to the piece. Here is an example where the subject matter and mat become harmonious.


        Paired together with Albrecht Dürer’s ‘Knight, Death, and the Devil’ these two make a striking pair. Our customer requested the outer dimensions of the frames be identical to one another creating unity despite the varying sizes of the images themselves.

        Images_Foursided_webLook how seamless the effect is! A champagne metallic frame with small detailing compliments the final product echoing grandeur and elegance. These two are a match made in heaven…or I guess, in this case….hell.