There is something to be said of things antique. Just like people, all antiques get better with age. It’s fun to hear the stories behind different objects like antique figurines or create your own stories about, say, a vintage coca cola glass from the 1950’s.

Whether you’re looking to make an addition to a collection or if you’re just looking to spruce up your home, a vintage purchase is as unique and as individual as the person purchasing it.

Since retail floor space is at premium in Chicago, we are selective in what areas of “old” we like to focus on.  We’d like to sell every antique ever rescued but that would require 10 spaces the size of Cubs Wrigley Field.  We’re good, but not that good.  Our focus is in old paper and small objects.  Vintage flash cards are the #1 top seller, anagram letter tiles, marquee letters and objects ranging from toy pianos to naked Barbie dolls.