If you are new to the world of custom framing or want to reduce cost of framing, you might consider starting with a metal frame. We have a well-edited selection of custom metal frame options, which typically cost less than a wood frame. In addition to reducing your cost, metal frames can provide a sleek modern look.

If you’re really on a budget, we can dry mount most artwork to foam board for a quick and wallet-friendly way to spruce up your walls without committing to a frame. You can always add framing later.

We also offer frame kits. Just do it yourself!  Foursided’s frame kits are another good option for savings. We always stock our basic black or silver metal moulding in standard sizes. We also stock whole, even numbers, starting at 4 inches and ending at 40 inches. Is  your art 10 x 12? 14 x 18? 20 x 30? You can walk out of our Chicago framing store with a frame kit which includes the moulding you need, plus glass, backing, and hardware. If you want to invest a little more, we can dry mount your art so it looks perfectly smooth and flat. You can also add a mat, or have us assemble the framing for you. It’s still a good deal.

If you need a size other than what we stock, we will order it for you. You can take it all home and do it yourself. The following prices include our basic metal frame, regular glass, foam core backing, and hardware.

For an 11 x 14: $34.00
For a 16 x 20: $46.00
For an 18 x 24: $53.00
For a 24 x 36: $78.00
For a 32 x 40: $93.00