Whatever you desire as a giver or a receiver, we have great Chicago-themed ideas for everyone in your life. From kids to adults, from artists to sports enthusiasts, or even a custom made Chicago treat for yourself.  Below we’ve included a sampling of Foursided’s favorite “all about Chicago” gifts.

Antique and Vintage Chicago Fun

Vintage Flash Cards – Spell Anything You Want!
$3 each

Daily News Apron                 Chicago Buttons                    Todd Mack Art                    aFavorite Card & Tag

Christmas in an Envelope

Chicago Cards

Chicago Seasons Greetings
$17 per box

Snow Globe                         Silver on Blue                         Greetings
$4.75 each                          $18.75 per box                        $5.25 each         

Chicago Style or Santa Style?
Chicago Style Screen Print $30 or
Vintage Style Foil Santa $14

Chicago Ornaments

Cubs or White Sox
$8.50 each

Chicago City Scapes
$21 each

Chicago for Beginners

Books for Kids
Cubs 101 $10.95   Good Night Chicago $9.95   123 $9.95   History for Kids $14.95

Come Visit Us

Antique Phrase Flash Cards
Various Prices